Monday, May 17, 2010


The past month has flown by leaving a large hole in this blog. Trying to keep up with it has been difficult but I will now attempt to enlighten on happenings from where I last left off:

3am last minute installation decisions driven by wantwant crackers and lukewarm Starbucks.

Final Win and a Wine at the opening

A few pics of the final show

Back in Melbourne contemplating architectural site for inter-disciplinary critique

Taking pictures on the run of RMIT in a state of their own install/colour chunkage on their building on Swanston.

Add to the list:

- Finding a new place to live
- Moving into said place
- Getting jiggy with IKEA (lego for adults!)
- Entertaining the parental unit in AUS

I am exhausted and hoping that the rest of May is less stress and more settle.

In the meantime, I have just discovered (ridiculously behind the times I am...) Claire Bishop's blog and record of webcasts and various things she has written. This is now fueling my Monday night alongside episodes of How I Met Your Mother. Good combo.

- Agnes