Friday, March 25, 2011

What's in a name?

(Documented some naming brilliance from the town council in Savusavu, Fiji)

So after a stagnant year of too much work and little else, things have started a moving 'n' shaking.

For a number of months I have been meeting with a group of other AUT graduates in the hope of setting up a studio and artist run space together. After much jumping through hoops with trying to find a space and a sixth member, we finally have both thanks to Gemma and Lisa's efforts. The signing of the lease for the space on Karangahape Road is in it's final stages and we can now turn our attention to practicalities - painting, desks, lighting etc.

I have already started thinking about potential combinations for group shows - am getting a bit ahead of myself whoopsie. We want the space to function not as a exercise of self-promotion but rather an opportunity to turn our hand at the differing roles of practicing outside the institution and a space that is accesible to recent graduates and students.

The thing that is stumping us all at this point is a name. So many impressions can be taken from word association and what you choose to work under. There's the route of going with something simple and related to the location or what we want it to function as, and there is always going with terms that are unrelated and seemingly random ala Blue Oyster or Gambia Castle; both have their pros and cons. Nothing seems to fit yet, flicking through dictionaries has even been attempted. Jeepers it's kind of like naming a child no one wants it to be burdoned with a stupid name that it will be stuck with for the rest of its life before it becomes bitter and changes its name by deed poll. Sigh.

We are waiting for inspiration to strike, but I have a feeling that we will actually have to be in the space before we can decide on what fits.

Here's to the beginning of something good hopefully.