Sunday, June 13, 2010

Workshop Pt.1

David Thomas giving introductions

The leftovers of Wolfgang's evolution drawing lecture

Oak Wedge (a part of the University of the Trees kit)

The rest of the kit

Beuys' presence in the form of a cardboard box Fat Corner

I have spent an intensive three days being two things:

1. Sick
2. An attendee of the first half of the Social Sculpture Workshop led by Shelley Sacks and Wolfgang Zumdick.

Having been less than impressed with my practice of late, I was hoping that through attending this workshop, I would be able to open up new avenues of thought and perhaps feed some energy back into how I make and think about art.

A few theories were touched on, the most important being Joseph Beuys' Theory of Sculpture and his statement that 'Everybody is an Artist'. Shelley talked of the use of 'invisible materials' and the new organs of perception. Wolfgang gave us a multi-media Beuys lecture where the only words spoken were those read from a German book. We spent time with trees and made gesture drawings, debated philosophical ideas and contemplated our own transformative powers in society.

Turns out, through the experience of the last three days, I've come to realise that it is less about a change in how I make and think about art as a change in how I am conscious of myself and the world around me. Perhaps it is only with a change in attitude and mindset, through coming out of a stagnant rut in my life, that I can continue to progress with my art practice.

The knowledge I had of Beuys before this workshop was merely superficial. To hear from two people who had spent time with him and continue to carry on his work today is a huge privilege. I look forward to this weekend, when the workshop continues...

In the meantime, I will also be calling upon the transformative powers of getting well (vitamin C?).

Gesture Drawings of my relationship to a Person (left) and my relationship to the State (right)

Friday, June 4, 2010

Vicarious Living

Procrastination on my Semester One Documentation Powerpoint has led me to fantasize a little about what it is like back at the old AUT. Luckily, via email, Amber informed me that Talk Week had just been and even let me have a small taste through a few images of a performance she gave for critting. In true Amber spirit, she has upholstered many an ambiguous object to engage with and I am interested to see where the performance leads her...

Thus, I share this with you as blogging is also another adequate thing one can do when mastering the art of putting things-I-must-do off.

- Agnes