Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Goodbye Dane!!

Our excellent tutor Dane is heading off to do a residency in London!! This was our surprise farewell. See you later Dane, all the best :)

The goodie table

Dane in a very interesting talk with a student

Josh, Bobae, Monique, Chloe, Nick and Maila having a pose

Amber demonstrating her love for Josh and her sadness for Dane's leaving

Finally, Dane, Lee and Sarah having an in depth discussion about.....right angles??

- Agnes

Monday, September 29, 2008

10 rather large paintings....

Tias, Elliot, Laxmi and Simon looking good at the opening

The 10 Big Paintings show is on featuring our very own head of department, Simon McIntyre (or as we like to call him "Mac Daddy").

Some of my fellow painters managed to check this show out and send me some photos for you lot to peruse. Excellent!

more info at http://www.northart.co.nz/exhibitions/ and is on till the 24th of October so go have a looksy if you find yourself on the shore.

- Agnes

Walters Vs. Wallace

Two sneaky pics taken at the Walter's Prize show at the New Gallery before i was asked by an attendant to put an end to my snap happiness. A bunch of us decided to go today seeing as it's free entry on a Monday (we were talking just last Friday about how it's silly we should be paying to see New Zealand art anyway esp. with our tax dollars going towards the galleries which house such art). It was great to finally be able to see John Reynold's Cloud in the flesh. Tias was telling me about the process behind the storage of this work, where each and every single canvas (over 7000 of them) has their own little box, and is stored alphabetically.

Our personal favourites were this particular work and also Peter Robinson's ACK which is a polystyrene sculpture that takes up a whole room and a corridor of the gallery. After talking to a Yugoslavian born gallery attendant (I don't quite recall the spelling of her name), she informed us of her observations about how people who didn't come from an 'arts' background normally gravitated towards the works by Edith Amituanai and Lisa Reihana, mostly due to the sheer glossiness and atmosphere (more of Reihana's work). I always find this talk interesting, especially coming from a family who's knowledge of art is still very firmly stuck in Vincent Van Gogh land. It got me thinking that if i were to take my mum to this exhibition, she too would be interested in the photos because they are simply relatable to her. She can understand the sheer size of the photos, the colour in them and the sound she hears, video she watches plus the dreaded word, the 'skill' that one would need to have to take photos like these. The domestic scenes depicted in Edith Amituanai's photos are ones she is familiar with. Whereas she would probably question why someone in their right mind would want to fill up gallery walls with thousands of canvases, some of which she can't even read due to the height at which they were installed...

What do you think? Is this too much of a stereotypical judgement? Keeping in mind i live this very argument everytime i talk to my family about what exactly i do at art school!! And not that being able to appeal to the masses is a hindrance to Reihana's or Amituanai's work. The attendant also said something about how Amituanai's photos, to her, were rather kitsch, which was something i hadnt thought and made me approach them completely differently.

Perhaps the Walter's Prize proves that there's something for everyone in Contemporary New Zealand Art. Perhaps i should bring my mum to it and see what she really says?

But before i ramble too much, the point i really wanted to make is that with the New Gallery being exactly that, a gallery, they were able to keep up to a certain level of presentation and respect in terms of displaying the artwork. Each artist was given enough space and had good use of space as well. The same, however, cannot be said for the Wallace Arts Trust.

Having made the trek to Aotea Centre a few weeks ago to see this exhibition, my friends and i were sadly left disappointed. The grey carpet foam board mixed with the dirty plinths with questionable workmanship left us wondering whether there was any respect placed upon the work that was being shown there. Apparently there were two levels of artwork, but they went to great levels to hide it, as we left having only seen one. It wasn't even until the last five minutes we were there that we discovered two works we hadn't seen yet that had been shoved in a corner. It seems that displaying the work in a way which invites spectatorship wasn't their main priority...or maybe my friends and I just weren't good at reading non existant signs...either way, I regret casting my 'people's choice' vote before having seen the second floor and now it's too late to try and fish it out of the ballot box!

Richard Lewer

“Skill, Discipline, Training”
Synthetic polymer paint on billiard-table cloth, 1200 x 2000

This is the Paramount Award Winner of the Wallace Arts Trust Awards. If you are in Wellington, you can see the exhibition from the 11 October – 3 February and make your own judgments.

The Walters Prize however, is on until the 23rd November. Check it out here: http://www.aucklandartgallery.govt.nz/exhibitions/0809waltersprize.asp

- Agnes

p.s. To those of you who i talked to about the gps bus system not working at my bus stop, i finally ended up calling MAXX to report the broken system only to be put 6th in the line with 2 minutes left of credit on my cell phone...and someone has conveniently put a greenpeace sticker over the other timetable so it cannot be read. Ah the woes of public transport...

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Claudalapalapa Travellin'

Claudia and Ahi's humble abode whilst in Pittsburgh

Lucky Ahi in front of a Warhol (at the MOMA)

hmm...perhaps they can explain this particular photo....

displaying the local Pittsburgh brew. Look at you drunkards...

Claudia dancing with us via Skpye at D.A.N.C.E at artspace!!

Our lovely Claudia and Ahi are having rad adventures in America without us. They have also been kind enough to keep updating us on their progress on their facebook group Claudalapalapa!! find it here and join up:

So far they've traversed the american terrain, visiting NY and Washington D.C, saved baby squirrels, dressed up like crazies at parties and keeping up with uni! From my skyping with them, I hear their workloads are rather large at Carnegie Mellon.

Here are some of my favourite photos so far. No postcards as promised yet :( Claud and I were wanting to do some sort of homage to On Kawara and his 'I Got Up' series but perhaps our idealistic visions of having enough time to do so was a little off. But it's not too late!! I've been drawing up some postcards lately that i might send to them when i get the chance...will update if i receive anything back.

I cannot wait to head over there and see em! I'll be going early december and spending 2 months being crazy nomadic backpackers with Claudia and slowly draining my life savings. Hopefully i can blog from her laptop whilst over there and keep you guys even more updated on our travels!!

Until then, we all miss you heaps Claudalapalapa :)

- Agnes

p.s check out our new blog friends in the 'blogs we like'. (I took your advice Julian :)) if there are any other blogs you think i should know about, leave a comment!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Brought to you by the number 4

The mid semester break is now coming to a close and a sincere apology for not blogging a lot as i have been instead immersed in the 'theory essay vortex of doom'. A bunch of us did pop by Julian's show at the Sue Crockford on tuesday night where we ruminated on whether Nick should shell out the $950 for a piece of Original Mr Dashper. No pics as i forgot my camera and my phone wouldn't do his work any justice. Perhaps you can pop on over to http://www.suecrockford.com/ for a little taster, or go see the show yourself! It's on till 11 October so plenty of time, no excuses. I've also been promised a review of show by Nick, but wouldn't be holding my breath there...prove me wrong Nick and write me something! Now i am frantically writing essay but the guilt of not posting for over a week is hindering my progress...

So leads me to give you this, which has quite possibly made my week. (it really doesn't have much to do with painting except that i'm an both an avid Sesame Street and Feist fan (solo and in Broken Social Scene), but perhaps you can make some conceptual leaps).

Thus i present: procrastination at its finest ladies and gents...

- Agnes

p.s. who was your favourite sesame street character? I was always partial to Big Bird, i wonder what that says about me...

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Small Worlds

One of our beloved theory lecturers, Trish, put together this show called Small Worlds at Artstation. It is 'a group project based in faith in the future'. The idea behind it is that you bring along anything small (that can fit in your hand) and then add it to the show, which you can also adjust and add to anyway you please. Being a lover of all things intimate, it was definately a flashback to my primary school days. The exhibition runs till October the 4th so be sure to go along and bring something to add as well!!

My iddy biddy that i brought along for the show. He's a peruvian incense holder!

- Agnes

Monday, September 1, 2008

D.A.N.C.E at Artspace!

My wax apple!

As part of the Rirkrit Tiravanija 'exhibition' at artspace, DANCE was set up for one night. There was coconutty goodness, video work and a live skype feed from pittsburgh with Claudia and Ahi!! Good times indeed.

- Agnes