Sunday, August 31, 2008


Photos from the Faux show. the Faux crew consisted of Thomas, Helen, Aleesha, Sam, Chelsea and Kirsty. I perhaps didnt get to spend as much time down at this particular show because it was rather cramped (and the sunlight coming in through the windows upstairs was much nicer) but it was still excellent none the less! One niggle would be that it would have been nice to see a bit more editing in terms of what went into the show. Or perhaps the fact that there was such a large amount of work to view works in its favour? What do you think?

Congrats on the effort!

That concludes all the reportage from these year two shows. What a crazy few weeks hmm everyone looked pretty tired at theory this morning (those who showed up that is which wasn't a lot so people must be taking advantage of those mental health days). But there are 5 more uni weeks till the end of the year!! That my friends is a rather scary thought...

- Agnes

La Unpaid

One of the last of the year two shows. This ran in conjunction with Faux in the Dadley building and ended up being quite the party. Those involved in this show were Vic, Simon, Natasha, Amber, K and Lee. There was even a collaboration with Lee and Thomas (from the Faux exhibition) where they made what they call a 'social sculpture' or spaces to aid in the mingling of people. La Unpaid were wonderful hosts, not only treating us to wonderful art work but many a bowl of tasty sangria. I was later informed that the aforementioned sangria also did a good job of creating a mighty headache. Good thing i stuck with the 'expired' beers that had been donated by Simon's Dad. Great job guys, excellent work!!


Last Wednesday night saw the opening of Interruptions\Deceptions!

Having been a part of this particular exhibition, i have to say kudos to everyone involved, it was great having such an awesome group of people to work with!! In the end I think we managed to pull together a rather cohesive and slick show (although i am being biased am i not??).

Despite an early start (we planned for a 5.30 opening but had people coming in at the strike of 4.00) and plenty of stress, it all turned out super in the end. Sorry for the pics again, didn't really have a lot of time to take pics in between all the shoulder rubbing that night, and turns out all the pics i did take were blurry...I swear i hadn't even touched any wine before these were taken!

The food table - plus the cupcakes i made (they were supposed to spell the title of the show but we were too rushed off of our feet to display em that way!!)

Blog regulars Elliot and Tias. Elliot was also in this show, and Tias was being our slave girl for the night, minding the bar.

A glimpse of my work

Charlie's paintings/drawings (my mum loved these)

Maila's video work with cameos by Fristar and Seilala

Sarah's photos

Jacqui's photos

Caitlyn's floor piece that was ruined by the end of the night. Not to mention the many times it was ruined by other people during the making of it...but not to worry, it was very successful, if not more successful, due to the input of people stepping over it and provided a lot of laughs thoroughout the night. Even managed to see someone almost completely bail over on it....

Elliot's 'painting' installation

the show

And the team, minus Maila who had to leave early :)
This particular photo was not taken by me but by my dad so please excuse the shottiness of it! plus the random who almost stepped in front of it.

As 'fun' as it was to put this together, i'm pretty glad its over. I think i might have aged about five years over the last two weeks!!