Sunday, March 14, 2010

Couldn't Help Myself

In the grips of GaGa fever this weekend, the Lady herself debuted the new Telephone video last Friday and let me tell you what, I cannot stop watching this video. I really can't. It has been viewed over 13 million times by now and I'm pretty sure a good chunk of that amount was from me alone!

But what's even more awesome is that literary and artistic analysis of said video has already begun. What with it being so steeped in pop culture references and what not, it was only a matter of (short) time. An example is this link posted on GaGa's twitter, where people have a discussion around themes that this video addresses:

- Prison Identity!
- The role of the Cyborg in our current contemporary climate (this one is for you Simon!)
- Masculine and Feminine roles!
- Product Placement issues!
- Modern Mass Media!
- Technology! (the role of the Telephone as an object of support, annoyance, performance...)
- Americana!

The list goes on and on. But my point is, that as much as I like subtlety and not hitting ye viewer over the head, Lady GaGa does the exact opposite (direct Tarantino, Madonna, Michael Jackson references, excessive product placement and high density colour and image) and yet it still works itself into becoming an interesting catalyst for dialogue amongst people who may or may not care much about contemporary art. GaGa reaches the masses. But what do the masses get out of her? Evidence of above shows that not all her fans are silly followers of media nowadays. After all, GaGa has always been very clear about her parody-ness of the spoon fed media culture. It is all intentional no? Bottom line: This girl is smart! (my opinion, of course)

This post also has too many exclamation marks! I will leave you with the video itself, the best nine minutes and thirty two seconds you'll spend today! I'm too excited for you!

- Agnes

p.s. Claudia: On further research, it IS GaGa's sister in the prison!! All intentional again of course! We knew it!

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