Friday, October 24, 2008

Feature Friday: Another Quick Post

A gift from Julian who just came back from New York and Chicago! A poster for the exhibition Minus Space at P.S.1 (where both Julian and Simon Ingram were participants) whose opening was aptly described as 'a rock concert'. 3000 people or so apparently...Thats quite a crowd!

look at em...

go here for pics and info

And here for an interesting interview by Phong Bui (curatorial advisor) about it:

Hmmm what else....what else?

Still working like mad for end of year and studio is just so interesting right now. We talked today about Vicky's painting (i regret not being able to get a pic of it before she took it down) which was a strange painted squiggle shaped board that she hung on a nail. Very home decor. Very 'what the f....?'. Also Very Cool.

I also finally checked out the Swedish Exhibition downstairs which is more like a trade fair than an exhibition anyway...

Two of the artists gave a talk today in the gallery so i decided to head along. Ended up being rather drawn out and all 'talking shit about a pretty sunset'...hmmm reminds me that i haven't really been to many artists talks lately. Where are they?

10 days till submission!

Which also reminds me that if you are in the Auckland region on Nov 5th from 12-8, come up to AUT WM Block and check out our open studio! We are a friendly bunch and like hellos :)

- Agnes

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