Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday Catch-ups

Hmm what happened to Feature Friday??? Perhaps I got too busy and didnt get a chance to post over the last few days but here I am now! End of semester means busy beavers in the studio and brings on crazy change. But there's one thing that's been quite a permanent fixture in my studio life this whole year....

This spotty stain on the floor!

Yes. Everytime someone comes into my studio, they always make a remark about this interesting splatter of paint (trust me the photo is shite and does it no justice. at all. nada.) It's been the thing I look to when i'm drained and need a break. But what exactly is it that i like about it? Perhaps, beyond it's rather pleasing aesthetic, it makes me think about what exactly made it that way. What was someone painting in order to create such a by-product?? I would like to see that painting, perhaps any old BVA students could enlighten me to the artist?

So for that reason, this part of the studio floor has been chosen as my Feature 'Friday' (or monday). Lovely.

Now onto other matters. Today was the opening of a particular Swedish Style Exhibition. We had all been curious as to how this would pan out as over the last couple of weeks we watched them pack in. There was a car in the gallery! And a mysterious swedish chair in the foyer we couldn't sit on...and ladies and gents, I wish I could say how it was, but i dont think any of us were really welcome at the opening (mysterious signs in the elevators telling us to exit on level 2 had tones of 'come back later') and the fact that i wasn't wearing heels like everyone else meant i wasn't really dressed for the 'occasion' ha ha? So we watched from above instead while this guy:

talked...and talked........something about economy and how swedish design is going to save us while we are in a recession...

Apparently there was Swedish Royalty!! And this fancy fluorescent Vodka Bar. But I didn't get to see any of it. So really, none of it happened. At least not for me. What a shame.

What a spectacle.

- Agnes

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