Monday, October 6, 2008

Pule Fakamotu

Sam posing with her painting

Sam's other paintings

This lady treated us to a lovely song(s) and a dance, teaching us how to dance Niuean style...

The computer has finally come back from the people who fix computers and is in ok shape, much to my delight. It also means i can start blogging again!! And when i heard that a member of our sort-of collective (the paintandbake) was opening an exhibition tonight, I thought what better place to spend a wet and windy Tuesday evening than at Artstation...

So Thomas and I braved the terrible weather (and the awful traffic) to attend the opening. And for those of you who don't know (like I), the show was set up to celebrate Niue's Constitution Day which is on October 19th and expores the idea of 'self-government'.

Highlights include...

- The story of the lady who earned $500 an hour teaching weaving to rich prep schoolers
- The same lady teaching us how to dance Niuean (no hips!!!)
- The singing (as always, Niuean's have lovely voices)

And of course seeing our very own Sam chuffed as hell with an amazing exhibition!
the exhibition runs till the 25th so head along yessssss

On another note, it is 'study week' and also BVA interview week (where we get to scout out the new talent that maybe coming in next year) which means it is quiet as hell in the studios, so not much news on that front. It also doesn't help studio morale when Auckland somehow forgot that it was once a rather nice and habitable place (note: last week with the gorgeous sunshine) and has instead been treating us to crap. hmmm...

So to liven things up, I give you something for all those Gordon Ramsey fans out there (you know who i'm talking about....Claudia....). Stumbled across this whilst watching Sunrise today, my tv can't tune into Breakfast so Sunrise is what i wake up to instead. Enjoy

- Agnes

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