Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sriwhana Spong at Anna Miles

Nijinsky, Our Eyes Spinning Like Propellers, and The Faun with the Nymphs Veil, Paris, May 1912

Halberd Head, with Naga and Blades, Indonesia (Java), Eastern Javanese Period, Singrasari Kingdom, ca. second half of the 13th century, Coppery Alloy. Samuel Eilenberg Collection. Gift of Samuel Eilenberg 1996. 1996.468,b

(What a lengthy title!)


Afternoon of a Faun, Nymphs Veil, 1914 & Afternoon of a Faun, Nymphs Shawl, 1914


Just came from the Sriwhana Spong opening at Anna Miles. What a jam-packed show, both people and artwork. We were lucky enough to have time before the masses came in to have a sit and think with the art. Was perhaps a little overwhelmed by the work to begin with (not knowing much about the artist), having been mesmerised by the lacquered pieces with shiny, shiny mirror and the neon work and not knowing whether i was interested in them purely due to my magpie tendencies or because of a level further than that. Apparently Ghosts shows the signatures of people from a band, obtained by Spong's friend after a gig, however she isn't quite sure who the signatures belong to, therefore rendering them ghosts or shadows...

Amber gave me her take on the pieces being about theatre and illusion (she's much more knowledgeable about the ballet references than I) and also the art deco references which was quite apparent from the use of the geometric ( i think i overheard someone calling the show quite 'diamondy'!)We also weren't too sure how Ghost related to the other pieces, feeling that it was quite removed from the rest of the show. Perhaps I may feel differently after more contemplation. We then yarned on about how we think neon is the 'new pants' and the fruits from our meeting with Saskia yesterday where she introduced us to the duo of Fischl/Weiss.

look at for more info on the show!

- Agnes

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